Day 2 – Return to the Goddess – Sacred pilgrimage to India

Day 2 of Navaratri – Kamakhya Temple, Assam (North Eastern India) An early morning flight from Jaipur and I arrive in Guwahati. I’ve travelled a lot in India but Assam is totally new to me It’s [...]


Day 1: Return to the Goddess – Spiritual Pilgrimage to the Mother Land

Day 1: Return to the Goddess This week is a week off work for me as I journey into the heart of India and it’s goddess temples. This is #returntothegoddess !!! Recently, with the very first Yoga [...]


In-between life and death – yoga, miscarriage, pregnancy loss, fear and acceptance

5 years ago, I wrote this article for Elephant Journal. Pregnancy loss is a topic which is slowly getting shifted from the taboo. My life is very different to how things were 5 years ago. I now [...]


The dark feminine

Launching my blog page and I feel empowered to have a vehicle for self expression and to explore and dive a little deeper into the mysteries and alchemy of yoga and healing modalities.  I won't [...]


Yoga of the Feminine – International Women’s Day event

Free Yoga of the Feminine event  International Women’s Day Yogahouse, The Greens Thursday 8:15-9.45pm Connect to your inner goddess to ground and nurture your soul and celebrate womanhood! [...]