Shakti Celebration Dubai – The Maiden edition

Friday 27th April 2018


Friday 27th April 2018.  Attend one session, many or all!

Women of the UAE! This year has seen a huge global rise in awareness of the voice of women and of the need to reclaim our sacred femininity. The first wave of feminism in the 20th century brought great freedoms in women’s rights, although much has been lost in our connection to our feminine essence and our innate power in the process as we have worked to ‘be like men’.

This event is a celebration of the shift both globally and in the UAE to come together and honour the rise of work around the sacred feminine. Our intention is to build community by creating awareness of the beauty of this work to restore vitality, to empower your potential and to heal us as a collective. We hope this conference will serve as an initiation for the curious into the sacred web!

The conference includes teachers from a broad spectrum of backgrounds in the fields of divine feminine work, those who are working to bring a women’s perspective into yoga and the work of embodied sensuality in conscious dance. As we come together for this event we make a powerful statement that the authentic voice of women is on the rise. Our presenters are passionate about sharing their knowledge of embodying the feminine and reconnecting to our innate power in their own diverse fields..

This conference is open to all women (including pregnant women and women feeding babies in the postnatal stage). We have chosen to make this a women only space to position it as a safe space for all at this moment in time.

It is FREE and offered with great respect and love.


A beautiful group shot in between our sessions at Nilaya House on April 27th 2018

2-2.50pm Vanessa Woodthorpe-Wright (WomanSpace) – WombWise
3-3.50pm – Lillie Claire Love – Awakening Sensual Shakti with O Yoga & Tantric Pranayama
4-4.50pm Jo Arganaraz (Return to the Self) The Yoga of the Feminine
5-5.50pm – Kelly Seymour – Feminine Flow
6-6.50pm Lina Nahhas – 5 Rhythms® (The Sameness Project) : Exploring your divine sexy
7-7.50pm Peewee Sanchez (Yogafirst) – Himalayan Kriya Yoga – Awakening – Sampoorna Shakti Sadhana


Presented by: Vanessa Woodthorpe-Wright of WomanSpace
Session name: WombWise


Join Vanessa as she opens our event with time-honoured ritual & sets the intention to heal core feminine wounds both personal & collective, & to restore connection to the Divine Feminine. You will be invited to join her to journey to create the bridge back to your womb wisdom where you will find the key to live in your fullness in truth & joy. An insightful embodied experience will create an opening up to a realm of new possibilities to realign & reframe what it is to be feminine on your own terms as you remember how to honour your cyclical rhythms & reclaim what is rightfully yours.

Vanessa is a Master scholar of Women’s Spirituality, a Menstruation Mentor & Keeper of Women’s Mysteries. She is a mother of 4 & has been facilitating women’s circles for many years. She is the founder of WomanSpace, a Dubai-based company that sells beautiful reusable cloth menstrual pads. Vanessa is passionate to advocate cycle awareness, sustainable living & the reframing of femininity.

Presented by: Lillie Claire Love
Session name: Awakening Sensual Shakti with O Yoga & Tantric Pranayama



Lillie will lead us through Tantric Pranayama (Breathing practices) to open the body, mind and soul to more vitality and Shakti power. Then she will guide a powerful yet playful practice called O Yoga, first created by her late teacher Psalm Isadora. ‘O’ is a blend of Tantra, Belly dance movements and Hatha Yoga. This session will awaken you to the innate sensual power that is within every woman, activating lightness, laughter, healing, creativity and a sense of self-love and sensuality.

Lillie Claire Love is a Feminine Empowerment Coach, Speaker & Writer based in the US. Through the teachings and tools of Yoga, Tantra, Taoism, Sacred Practices from Ancient Egypt, Conscious Relating, Energy Healing and Life Coaching, Lillie empowers Women and Couples to get out of their heads and into their bodies where their peace, pleasure, power, purpose and prosperity live. After healing her own PTSD, depression and anxiety, Lillie found her purpose to serve others and our Earth. Her main focus is on Healing Trauma, the Wounded Inner Child and the shadows of Masculine – Feminine energies on the planet. Lillie’s formal credentials and certifications are; Lead Venus Code, Urban Karma Sutra Tantra & Primal Core Yoga Trainer (after 5 years of studying, assisting and training with Psalm Isadora), Somatic Experiencing and Sexological Bodywork, Shamanic Breathwork, Life Coaching, Reiki, Access Bars, Mediumship, and many investments in working privately with top Coaches and Mentors.
Learn more about Lillie & her offerings here:

Presented by Jo Arganaraz of Return to the Self
Session Name: The Yoga of the Feminine




Jo’s session will introduce earth-centered practices from the tantric tradition, inspired by the work of Uma Dinsmore-Tuli (author of Yoni Shakti). We will ground ourselves by connecting the heart and the womb spaces in sacred meditation. We will ground and cleanse with the Pawnee Dance of Life, clearing the cobwebs of our ancestors and affirm our place in the world with a dynamic YES meditation. We will connect to the shakti energy that ties us to the earth herself through the tantric practice of the Pancha Kosha including mudra and mantra. We will share in our circle of sisters with an emphasis on joy and reconnection.

Jo started her path as a hatha yoga teacher over 10 years ago and has been training teachers for 5 years along with Peewee Sanchez of Yogafirst. Jo woke up to the power and potential of the female body during pregnancy and birth with son Caesar and her daughter Ananda. She started ‘Return to the Self’ in 2016 to offer prenatal teacher training school globally. Since 2017 she has offered ‘Yoga of the Feminine’ to all women after being inspired by the work of Uma Dismore-Tuli in Yoni Shakti and is now a dedicated student of the sacred feminine with teachers (including sacred sights) around the world. We are now writing a new page in the history of yoga with the female body and spirit and reawakening to ‘shakti’. Reconnecting to the source of the self, the womb and it’s stories is the path to bliss, peace and respect for ourselves and our mother earth. Jo is the founder and organizer of the ‘Shakti Celebration’. Connect to Jo at

Presented by: Kelly Seymour
Session Name: Feminine Flow



Feminine Flow is a physical, emotional and spiritual dance practice that elevates women by allowing us to fully express and savor our femininity. Created by Silfath Pinto to provide women with a sacred space to heal, express and blossom, the dance practice is a beautiful fusion of: yogic flow, sensual nourishment, movement therapy, spiritual journey and creative expression. Each class is a beautiful adventure and a deepening of our feminine presence. We reclaim our feminine body deepening our strength, sensuality, presence. Savoring all the pleasure, sacred wisdom and knowledge within our body temple. We let loose, play, heal, remember, shake, crawl, laugh, breath, scream, let go and blossom, in sisterhood. We embrace being sensual and spiritual, wild and wise.

Having spent most of her life consciously and sub-consciously disconnecting from her body, Kelly developed complex coping mechanisms to numb her mind, emotions and physical pain, resulting in extreme weight gain, health difficulties and intense fear. Kelly has spent the past 7 years rediscovering a holistic connection to her body, learning how to gently listen as the body whispers and developing practices that allow her to hear and heal her subconscious beliefs and fears. She brings her learning as a teacher, empowerment coach, artist and Feminine Flow practitioner together to help you learn how to listen and heal your own body – playing and dancing and dancing along the way.

Presented by Lina Nahhas of The Sameness Project
Session Name: 5 Rhythms® (Dance) : Exploring your divine sexy



Lina presents 5Rhythms® a philosophy, perspective, performance art and a dynamic movement practise rooted in the principle that “if you put your body into motion, the psyche will heal itself”. Through the map of the 5Rhythms and our movement together, we will dip into what it feels like in the body to be divinely sexy, and in the various flavours and manifestations of that. This will create an imprint of a visceral experience of that to take immediately out into the world, fully embodied and empowered by its beautiful life-giving impact. Ready to play?

Lina Nahhas, an Arab-Canadian based in Dubai, was the first in bringing 5Rhythms® practise to the Arab world in 2010, and her passion for the practise has led her to Waves® level teacher certification by 2014. Lina writes“The impact that the 5Rhythms® has had in my life, remains magical. There is a richer savouring of the sublime in every thing and every body, through deeper presence. It helps my soul inhabit its freedom and lightness in alignment with body, heart and mind. And in my continuing journey with the 5Rhythms®, I wish to offer others an opening to this energy which nourishes true freedom and reclaims our humanity by healing our hearts and minds and uniting these with body and soul and spirit to walk life in full alignment and ease. My favourite quote from my teacher Gabrielle Roth has always been: Do you have the discipline to be a free spirit”

Presented by: Peewee Sanchez (Yogafirst)
Session name: Himalayan Kriya Yoga – Awakening – Sampoorna Shakti Sadhana



Sampoorna means ‘complete’ and Shakti is the creative intelligence that resides at the base of every human being’s spine. Sadhana is a combined expression of burning desire to improve one’s situation and the courage to do what it takes to rise in awareness (tapas), the honesty to face one’s inner dimensions (swadhiyaya) and surrender to the seed of the divine within and without (Ishvara Pranidhana). This Himalayan Kriya Yoga practice is the quickest way to purify, clarify and experience unity consciousness and realize the 10 aspects of our Shakti energy and the gateways to liberation (Mahavidyas or the 10 Wisdom Goddesses) that are attainable, palpable and not just intellectual concepts or philosophy. Peewee closes our day with a focus on healing the female and male within us and an integration of the experience of non separation.

Peewee Sanchez brings 20 years of yoga experience and insight and is the founder of Yogafirst Middle East (, the most established and successful Yoga Teacher Training school in the MENA region. Yogafirst has trained over 250 women in the last 9 years (many of whom are mothers) and is the only school to offer a women’s only YTT in the UAE. Peewee is a dynamic Shakti Force and she is highly respected within the community for her work. Peewee specialises in deepening her students yoga journey and together with Kevala foundation she runs an annual Yoga Alliance 300hr Himalayan Yoga Immersion at Kevala Celebration Center in Karnataka, India. Connect to Peewee at

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