Shakti Celebration – The Maiden edition

Shakti Celebration – The Sacred Space edition

Attend one session, many or all!

A gift to all women in Bali in March 2019!

Shakti Celebration was launched in Dubai in April 2018 with our second event in October attended by over 100 women. We are now preparing our third event to be held in the land of the sacred feminine – Ubud, Bali!

Our event is as a celebration of the global shift to come together and honour the rise of work around the sacred feminine. Our intention is to build community by creating awareness of the beauty of this work to restore vitality, to empower your potential and to heal us as a collective. We trust this event serves as an initiation for the curious into the sacred web and an opportunity to deepen your connection to the community of wonderful women teaching in Ubud and as a joyful coming together.

Our event unites teachers from a broad spectrum of backgrounds in the fields of divine feminine work, those who are working to bring a women’s perspective into yoga, embodied sensuality in conscious dance, tantric practice and so much more. As we come together for this event it is a powerful statement that the authentic voice of women is on the rise. Our facilitators are passionate about sharing their knowledge of embodying the feminine and reconnecting to our innate power in their own diverse fields.

Hosted by Karma House, we couldn’t be in better hands. Karma House operates on a philosophy of creating a world which inspires connection through giving.

This conference is open to all women (including pregnant women and women feeding babies in the postnatal stage). We have chosen to make this a women only and photography free space to position it as a safe space for all at this moment in time.

Girls over 12 years old are also welcome to attend, with the guidance of their mothers. We’d love to accommodate young children, but cannot.

It is FREE and offered with great respect and love. Please however register with Eventbrite to attend


1pm – 2.20pm – Opening Ceremony with Luh Manis, Jo Arganaraz and Lex Francis and Alex Khula

2.30 – 3.20pm – Session 1: Sacred Resonance with Eva Aourah

3.30pm – 4.20pm – Session 2: Shakti: The Wild Dance of Creation with Suzanne Zephyr Blake

4.30pm – 5.20pm – Session 3: Embodied Dance with Mana Mei

5.30 – 6.30pm – Closing Celebration: Bhakti Yoga with Audrey Sarquilla

Detailed descriptions of sessions:

1pm – 2.20pm – Opening Ceremony – Connecting to the deep feminine
with Luh Manis @pranashanti
Jo Arganaraz, @returntotheself
& Lex Francis & Alex Khula
We will come together in sisterhood to honour and expand our essence and the deep feminine. We honour the power of intuition and connection through a Shakti greeting, Balinese ceremony, Mudra and Mantra.
We honour Mother Bali with Panca Sembah, a prayer ritual led by Luh Manis, a form of devotion using incense, symbol of God Agni and flowers, symbol of holiness and Kwangen, symbol of the Universe which shows our love.

2.30pm – 3.20pm – Sacred Resonance with Eva Aourah @truenaturelements
Sacred Resonance / Sounding Shakti nurtures our womb – voice connection: delight in a gentle womb yoga and vocal activation practice combined with a restorative sound healing experience receiving the harmonizing frequencies of singing bowls, chimes, voice, drums and violin.

3.30pm – 4.20pm – Shakti: The Wild Dance of Creation with Suzanne Zephyr Blake

Bali contains so much of this Shakti lifeforce energy, exploding in every corner with vibrant greens, bright hues of magenta, yellow, orange in flowers, fruits and animals. She houses us in a powerful mother energy, which provides a synergistic container for awaking this energy in ourselves. During this session we will move through the energy of the Shakti lifeforce, that which holds and moves through all of creation. We will take a somatic journey through the wild animal nature beginning with the lowly serpent, and finishing with the dazzling butterfly.

4.30pm – 5.20pm – Embodied Dance with Mana Mei

Mana will lead Embodied Dance, a movement meditation where women are gently guided through an exploration of body, mind, and spirit. Women are invited to tune deeply into themselves, connecting with their own authentic expression of movement which uncover and celebrate the feminine experience, from the soft and nurturing to the fierce and primal. Women will leave this session feeling alive and vibrating with creative life force energy. They will feel connected more deeply to themselves and also to each other as we take this journey together finding strength, permission, and support in our sisters. This session is suitable for all women! There is no dance experience necessary, just a curiosity to explore and be present.

5.30 – 6.30pm – Closing Ceremony: Bhakti Yoga with Audrey Sarquilla @audreysarquilla

We will celebrate the Goddess singing mantras empowering the Divine Feminine within, Shakti, the energy of the Universe. Chanting with our sisters uplifts, inspires and invokes the mother of our soul, the Universal Mother. Together we Rise!

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