Sacred Journey to Peru

12th – 25th June, 2019

A Spiritual Journey of Yogic Alchemy to the Sacred Valley of Peru

Our Sacred Journey to Peru

On June 12th 2019, we embarked on a sacred journey to the ‘Umbligo del Mundo’ or the ‘bellybutton’ of the world in the Sacred Valleys of the Andes.

Our trip was organized by Jo Shakti Arganaraz of Return to the Self with a grounding Yoga Programme led by Peewee Sanchez, supported by the insider knowledge and deep earth based spirituality of Peruvian Guide Cesar Arenas and our amazing trekking support team

The Sacred Valley around Cusco, Peru is one of the most magical high frequency places on Planet Earth and we were blessed to absorb her abundance.

Our journey took us from Cusco to the Yoga Mandala Centre, a beautiful yoga retreat centre in the pictureseque countryside of the Sacred Valley through the Lares Valley and Maccu Piccu and back to Cusco.  We completed our visit with the spectacular Inti Raymi festival on the Summer Solstice.

So many unique and wonderful experiences from an authentic shamanic ceremony to hiking in the snow at 4,660m, seeing the Milky Way, greeting the summer solstice in a remote mountain camp, having our chef prepare a cake for breakfast, practicing yoga in a heavenly location, rainbows, delicious vegetarian food, almost continual sun and stunning views, buying textiles from village weavers, hiking 45km together, sharing stories, gratitude, yoga, fun plus a yoga session in Maccu Picchu, connecting to the land.  Every person on our trip was indispensable.

Thank you Pachamama

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