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  • Jo's classes were honestly the highlight of my week during my pregnancy! Jo is a wonderful and authentic teacher and I would highly recommend practicing with her. I found that many of the other pregnancy classes I had tried before finding Jo's felt very focused on 'prenatal excercices' but Jo keeps the spirit of yoga alive in her classes, whilst still educating about the journey of pregnancy on the body. The environment was always warm and welcoming and I found Jo to be very skilled at adjusting the pace of the class to how energetic myself and the other students were feeling. I will always feel thankful to Jo for giving me that weekly opportunity to connect with my body and my baby and to enjoy movement and relaxation which I believe served me well through pregnancy, birth and beyond!  

    Yasmine (Yas) Orlando : Yoga teacher @Yoga with Yas and mother to baby Ivy, Dubai, UAE Return to the Self Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Graduate
  • Working with Jo for my last few weeks of pregnancy was amazing!  The baby was breech and then in the back to back position. The yoga sessions along with some acupuncture , I feel made a huge difference into getting the baby into the perfect position that allowed me have a 2 hour labour with no drugs. I would really recommend this to anyone who is pregnant. I just wish I started it earlier.  

    Tina Stewart - Mother of 2, Dubai, UAE Attended private yoga classes with Jo
  • Prenatal yoga helped me to see a complete different side of yoga, which I was not aware of. A feminine side, which activates these feminine energies in my body. It gave me the knowledge that I can do it, pregnancy and birth. I felt in harmony with my mind, body and had a connection to the baby. At the beginning of the pregnancy I loved to move a lot during the yoga session, at the end meditation and centering was more important. The course with you helped me to see these kind of female enemies while practicing yoga. The literature which you recommended was also a big help. it was so wonderful that I discovered that I'm pregnant during your course. It was like: everything you are asking for will come. And so was the pregnancy also, it was a wonderful calm pregnancy. Ramin my son is a very calm and happy baby. He is only laughing all the different compared to my first son. His name means joyful and it fits 100%.  

    Elnaz (Elli) Eghbali - Yoga teacher @Yoga with Elli Eghbali, Abu Dhabi, UAE Return to the Self Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Graduate
  • I completed the 85hr Prenatal yoga teacher training with Jo and Sasha from Let's Go Yoga. I hadn't really wanted to do a course in prenatal, however was requested by a client to add to my certifications. I happened to see an advert a few days after telling her that I would see what I could find. I signed up for the course - all the dates worked for me as well as the location. I feel like it was just meant to be, everything fell into place without much effort on my part. I had doubts about attending the course and dealing with all pregnancy related things. The pre-course homework reading list helped me a great deal in dealing with my feelings on the subject and opened my eyes and mind to a great many things. The course was very educational and informative. I loved the supportive community that is created and the professionals from various fields, supporting prenatal women. Many of the subtler elements of yoga are brought into greater focus in prenatal, which I really liked, for example mudras, visualisation, pranayama and chanting. I think this is something that gets left out of many of today's classes (or perhaps just my own, I haven't been to studios much lately!). I gained a huge amount of knowledge and especially enjoyed the anatomical portions of the course. The ladies that attended all had amazing energy and I think we each had a fantastic, memorable experience getting to know one another, gain knowledge, expand skills and share experiences. Definitely a worthwhile investment.

    Leila Joy Knight - Personal Trainer and Yoga Teacher
    Leila Joy Knight - Personal Trainer and Yoga Teacher Return to the Self Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Graduate
  • My prenatal yoga teacher training with Return to the Self was very useful. It didn’t only teach me how to be a prenatal Yoga teacher but also it taught me a lot about my own body as a female. The recommended material and books were completely relevant to the subject and a must read for any female, whether or not she is planning a family at any point of her life. Although I personally don’t have a family yet, I found the course very helpful exposing me to the different options I would potentially have if I ever have one. I highly recommend this course to any Yoga teacher as it provides the necessary practical information if pregnant women are present in normal classes. It helps to give them informed options that are beneficial rather than harmful. I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I say this course is recommended for any female. I am planning to use the knowledge from this course to empower other females, provide them with the best options suitable for their bodies and demonstrate to them that being pregnant is a gift not a hindrance.

    Yousra Diab – Yoga Teacher (Zen Yoga, Dubai)
    Yousra Diab – Yoga Teacher (Zen Yoga, Dubai) Return to the Self Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Graduate
  • In August 2017 I followed 4 prenatal yoga classes of Jo at Bumi Sehat Clinic in Bali and I loved them all! I was in the last month of my pregnancy, but I could still follow the whole practise. Jo made the lessons adjustable for every level of pregnancy.

    What I really loved about the classes of Jo were the focus to the female power, her positive and kind voice, the bonding with the little one in your belly and the feeling of connection with all the other pregnant women in the class who are going through the same transformation. I loved the classes and always felt recharged and more and more ready to face the beautiful process of giving birth which was coming closer quickly. At the end of my pregnancy our baby girl was born gently at the Bumi Sehat Clinic and I look back on a beautiful experience, which I believe was also encouraged by the prenatal yoga classes I followed.

    Marieke Nijland Co-founder & Special education consultant
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