Awakening Shakti: A leadership training & mentorship in Feminine Spirituality & Womb Wisdom

April – August 2021

“Our survival as a species depends on our ability to reengage with the feminine” – Artist Scott Miller

Awakening Shakti is a reconnection to the power of the feminine.

It is a radical journey of Yoga and Tantra offering practices to nourish the feminine, honour your inner wisdom and respect your cyclical nature as a woman.

In part 1, we meet menarche, the menstrual cycle, motherhood (literally or symbolically) and the ‘post’ mother stage.  We connect to 5 Divine Feminine Archetypes (5 wisdom Goddess of Tantra) and embody these energies in our lives to integrate and expand our own power, creativity and fertility.

We explore breast and womb, compassion and passion.  We dive into cyclical power, abundance, pleasure, intuitive voice, ancestral wisdom and sacred rage.

Above all, this course is a coming together for community support and empowerment.  For sharing your voice.  This circle is open to women (only) of any age.

  • Mantra and Chanting

  • Deep Relaxation and Radical Rest

  • Mudra

  • Yantra

  • Asana and Embodied Movement from diverse traditions

  • Womb and Breast Yoga

  • Meditation on the Divine Feminine

  • Sharing Circles and Loving Support

The rise of the Feminine will heal the World – artist unknown

CLASS 1 – Kali

The Great Mother, Time herself, Transformational, Revolutionary. The stripping away and shattering what we cling to, for our own good.  The goddess who teaches us cyclical wisdom and the necessity to embrace change.

    • We share of intentions on the energy of the Goddess of time herself, Kali Ma.  What is this energy and how does it relate to our current experience?
    • Learn the meaning of the Bija Mantra Kreem and it’s sacred vibration and the Kali Mantra
    • Experience Kali as movement and release and activate practices to rid you of what no longer serves you life.

CLASS 2 – Tripura Sundari

Menarche, the tenderness and delight of our first moon 

  • Panchadashi mantra, that unifies our being and connects us with Grace.
  • A meditation on our female siddhi of ovulation, of Kama, connecting to the radiance of womanhood
  • reclaiming the beauty of the first moon: menarche sharing
  • Connecting to the beauty of the feminine and embodying this in our movement

CLASS 3 – Tara

Our guiding star: the magic of the Menstrual Cycle

  • Embodying Cyclical Wisdom
  • Womb Yoga practices for connecting to the feminine cycle: Yoni Mudras
  • Charting your cycle and our practices of Blood Wisdom
  • Tara as the guiding star of our lives, listening within
  • Meditation on Tara as compassionate protectress
  • The Tara Mantra

CLASS 4 – Bhuvaneshwari

The Mother Goddess, She who has our back

  • Connecting to the abundance of the Mother as she manifests in our life stage and moon cycle
  • Feeling the support of Bhuvaneshwari as infinite space through meditation
  • Connecting to the intuitive wisdom of the mother in ourselves
  • Feeling the abundance of the feminine body through Pancha Kosha practices

CLASS 5 – Chinnamasta

The Goddess of Transformation, The Radical Shifts of Womanhood

  • We explore the feminine through the continual process of letting go and being reborn in our moon cycles, births and life stages
  • We practice deep relaxation and integration
  • We practice the Pawnee Dance of Life
  • We integrate our circle and intentions as the course closes

These practices are recommended for menstrual pain and challenges, fertility struggles and blocks and dis-ease with any feminine life stage.  They are also recommended for women who have been driven to ‘operate like men’ and never finding the space to ‘be woman’.  More than this they are for every women living with the consequences of HIStory and Patriarchy.

15 hours of continuing education credits with Yoga Alliance USA


Awakening Shakti 2019 - Ubud, Bali

Awakening Shakti Part 2 launches later in 2021: Goddesses Kamalatmika, Matangi, Bagalamukhi, Bhairavi and Dhumavati

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