Shakti Celebration – 🍁🍂Wise Woman edition 🍁🍂

Friday, 12 April 2019

Shakti Celebration honours the rise of women’s empowerment.
Our intention is to build community and to celebrate feminine wisdom and shakti, the creative force of the universe. Our events have been held worldwide since 2018 and are co-created with an expanding team of committed and passionate sisters and facilitators.

The theme of our April event this year is the Wise Woman and our inner Autumn. Wise woman is the waning moon heading towards the dark moon 🌒 She is also the phase of our inner moon before we bleed. She falls on the feminine side of the cycle, a time to turn our focus inward, a place of being rather than doing. In our life stages, wise woman could be seen as 50-70, the gateway from the ‘small cycles’ of life to the holder of power, the menopausal and post menopausal woman who knows herself.

Women are told they are crazy and have PMT in their pre-menstrual time rather than taught to gracefully navigate the premenstrum. Woman are shamed and alienated from their power as they reach the great wisdom gateway of menopause. Our media celebrates one form of the divine feminine (young, youthful, ovulatory energy) whilst all else is hidden and rejected.

It is no wonder we do not embrace the inner shadow and the ‘via negativa’ (in the moon cycle this is the second half of the cycle after ovulation). Even in holistic circles the constant pressure to self improve can do a disservice to our own inner peace and self acceptance.

Our day is an act of reclaiming our own inner invitations into power and a call to be just as we are 🙌🏽

April 12th Schedule:
Attend ONE session, MANY or ALL

2-2.50pm – Opening Wise Woman Ceremony
Vanessa Woodthorpe-Wright

Vanessa will open our Wise Woman event, calling in the directions, setting personal and collective intentions and facilitating a ritual to honour the wise woman.

3-3.50pm – Ancient Moon Heart Song
Sheetal Ranjan

The Autumn is the time to shed, to let go of ancestral oaths and soul contracts. The Ancient Moon Heart Song is a simple yet powerful exercise that helps a woman to respectfully let go of limitations In this session, Sheetal will first centre and ground every woman with a Mother Earth Meditation, then invite them to share one construct that they would like to let go of, and finally guide them in to their Ancient Moon Heart Song, an inner humming that their ancestors have passed on to them. A tune, a rhythm, a melody that they have always known. One that will carry that limitation that they don’t want anymore and send it off into the great beyond. This session will leave us feeling lighter, more connected to their ancestors and confident to take a step into the next phase of their month and their life.

4-4.50pm – Dancing with the Shadow
Silfath Pinto

When we enter the Wise Women phase, we dive into unveiling our shadows and dancing with them. We remember that facing our shadow is an essential aspect of unveiling our light… yin yang, night and day, darkness and light. Our shadows are the part of us that are scared, the part of us that we judge, ignore, dismiss, silence, disrespect, deny. The part of us that is in separation and fear. When we give a safe space for our shadows to be truly heard, we open the door to self-acceptance, self-awareness and wholeness. The shadows aren’t our enemies. They are an opportunity to learn self-love, to uncover more of who we are, and to unveil our magic hiding behind the veil of conditioning, fears and past wounds. In this 50 min session, you will dance with your shadow, freeing her to unveil more if your wisdom and magic. We will start the session with a Shamanic Journey to meet her, then we will free her through the alchemy of movement and mirrors. The journey will end with a Womb Illumination meditation to ground the wisdom and the light revealed.

5-6pm – Wise Woman’s Dance of Shapeshifter
Lina Nahhas –

In this 5Rhythms Session (a dynamic movement practice) we will explore the magical creative field of being ‘everything’ and ‘anything’, as we play with the different characters that our life stories have taught us with lightness and wisdom. We serve each identity moment by moment. Our intention is to dwell in a more expansive awakened soul that surrenders to mystery with ease and joy.

6pm-630pm break

Himalayan Kriya Yoga Session: Bhairavi Sadhana
Peewee Sanchez

In this session we will flow with the inner transformation of fire which is the divine feminine energy of Bhairavi. The Mahavidya (Great Wisdom Goddess) Bhairavi is the transformation that comes with destruction, which is not necessarily negative. Bhairavi is the light (tejas) and heat (tapas) that can remove imperfections in the soul. Join Peewee Sanchez of Yogafirst Middle East as we burn away that which is preventing us from moving forward in our life. Intense heat producing kriya yoga sadhana ending with chanting of the Bhairavi Mantra and meditation. Inspirational musical vibrations of Rag Bhairavi on Sitar will accompany our Kriya Journey. Open to all levels.


Our event unites teachers from a broad spectrum of backgrounds in the fields of divine feminine work, those who are working to bring a women’s perspective into yoga and the work of embodied sensuality in conscious dance. As we come together for this event it is a powerful statement that the authentic voice of women is on the rise. Our presenters are passionate about sharing their knowledge of embodying the feminine and reconnecting to our innate power in their own diverse fields.

Our event is hosted by Nilaya House who generously create a safe, beautiful, spiritual and welcoming space for our event. Nilaya means ‘home’ in sanskrit and the space holds us in our own journey back ‘home’ to the divine feminine. Nilaya House is open daily from 6-10:30am for Mysore style Ashtanga Yoga and from 6-9pm for regular yoga classes.


This conference is open to all women (including pregnant women and women feeding babies in the postnatal stage). We have chosen to make this a women only and photography free space to position it as a safe space for all at this moment in time.

Girls over 12 years old are also welcome to attend, with the guidance of their mothers. However, the event is not suitable for young children.

It is FREE and offered with great respect and love.

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