Spiritual Pre & Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training

Empowering Pregnancy, Birth and Motherhood



3rd to 11th April 2020 (daily)


Nilaya House, Al Quoz, Dubai, nilayahouse.com

Before 1st Feb 2020 – 5,000AED (3,000AED deposit paid by 1st Feb and 2,000 due on 3rd April)

After 2nd Feb 2020 – 5,800AED (3,000AED deposit to register and 2,800 due on 3rd April)


18th-26th November 2020


The Studio, Villa 42, Corniche Road, Abu Dhabi

5800AED before 1st October 2020
6300AED after 1st October 2020

The essence of the Spiritual Pregnancy YTT

This is a deeply Spiritual Pre and Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training for Yoginis, Birthworkers and those who hold space for women. It is for those whose purpose is supporting women in an intuitive earth energy pregnancy, an empowered birth and conscious motherhood.

This course is both spiritual and practical, nurturing and informative. We will focus on teaching the yoga skills to empower women to experience a healthy and conscious pregnancy and birth and enter motherhood fear free.

Pregnancy is a naturally arising opportunity to connect to earth and spirit and Intuitive Wisdom and our course reflects that. It also has a strong focus on Empowered and Ecstatic Birth which is every woman’s birthright. Our course includes the sacred goddess energies of the tantric Maha Vidyas and integrates a deep reverence of the divine feminine.

What is covered on the course?

Our yoga techniques and practices from asana, pranayama, chanting, deep relaxation, tantra and sacred ceremony are integrated and supported by our sessions on anatomy and physiology led by our qualified locally based midwives who are always aligned with our approach.  Our courses are fun, interactive, discursive (your experience is highly valued), practical and authentic.

Spiritual Pregnancy is taught be lead trainer Jo Arganaraz who has over 50 course graduates worldwide. Her approach is feminine, caring, humble, practical and spiritual. Jo is based in Bali, Ubud and has 2 young children.

Spiritual Pregnancy  has met the high standards set by Yoga Alliance USA (the global version of Yoga Alliance) and is registered as a 85 hour programme.

Our syllabus enables you to:

Build on your existing yoga teaching knowledge to deliver safe and effective group prenatal classes for all trimesters of pregnancy including the postnatal period with a strong understanding of the anatomy of pregnancy

  • Develop clarity on dealing with pregnant students who attend general/regular classes including knowing who should/shouldn’t join and modifications to offer
  • Have clear knowledge of the physiology and psychology of pregnancy an birth including postures in pregnancy for optimal foetal positioning
  • Make the transition to teaching prenatal yoga and understand the key differences between a regular yoga class and the ‘bhava’ or feeling of a pregnancy class.
  • Ensure your classes are informative, uplifting, supportive, empowering and non judgmental including delivering effective feeling cues.
  • Adapt a pregnancy class for mothers-to-be with prenatal ailments such as muscular lower back pain, swollen joints, pelvic girdle pain, low blood pressure and fatigue
  • Lean practical ways hatha yoga can help birth and offer yoga techniques for 1:1 clients, partner birth workshops etc.
  • Developing awareness of reacting to the pregnant and postnatal students in the class and how to foster and build relationships. Developing teaching methodology.


  • Anatomy of Pregnancy, Stages of Pregnancy (including post-natal stage, Stages of Baby’s Development
  • Common Discomforts of Pregnancy, Complications of Pregnancy
  • Stages of labour & birth (vaginal delivery) and medical intervention in vaginal delivery
  •  Caesarian Birth


  •  Asana – suitable asana and vinyasa flow sequences for different stages of pregnancy (including first, second, third and prenatal periods)
  • Asana for optimal foetal positioning
  • Yoga techniques for labour including positioning, breath work etc
  • Discussion of asana suitable for advanced pregnant yoga practitioners but not group classes (with the consideration of a pregnant yoga teacher’s self practice)
  • Adapting a regular yoga class if experienced pregnant yoga practitioners attend (providing pre-natal options)
  • Pranayama and subtle energy practices suitable for pregnancy
  • Kriya movements for pregnancy
  • Guided meditation and visualization for pregnancy and the power of suggestion and sankalpa
  • Yoga positions and breathing for the birth process


  • Homework will include an up-to-date and motivating reading list with pre-course tasks to develop your understanding even before the course begins
  • Practical assessments will include teaching a full 1 hour yoga class to other trainees. Full written feedback from tutors and an opportunity to provide feedback to peers will be part of the assessment.


  • Introduction to hypnotherapy for birth (1 ½ hours – led by a specialist practitioner)
  • Introduction to acupressure for birth (2 hours – led by a specialist practitioner)

Why study prenatal yoga?

As a regular yoga teacher, it is much safer to have specialist knowledge of prenatal and postnatal yoga in order to better serve clients who attend regular yoga classes.

Learning to teach prenatal yoga enables you to specialize and create diversity in your own teaching.  Prenatal yoga is soulful, beautiful and a community based teaching which is incredibly powerful to teach.  Becoming a prenatal teacher and supporting women is a nurturing and abundant journey.

Do I have to be a yoga teacher to join this course? 

Generally, it is important to come to the course with pre-existing yoga training (the yoga alliance advise a 200 hour foundation).  However, for some professionals working in the field of midwifery, birth education, doula support, health professionals supporting women etc. or with those an established practice and understanding of yoga there is flexibility.  Some of our graduates who have a strong yoga interest have started with the Prenatal YTT (when they were pregnant for example) and then gone on to take a 200 hour course at a later stage.

Testimonials from the Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

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