Yoga Classes

Private Yoga Classes

I offer a limited number of private classes around Dubai.

I share my passion for the yoga of the feminine through my private classes.  I work with 1 or 2 women a month so I can fully focus on each woman and offer a nourishing and supportive practice.

For pregnant women, I offer personalized pregnancy practice for your stage of pregnancy. I also offer practical and spiritual advice on conscious birthing (perhaps you a first time mother seeking a ‘natural’ intervention free birth, or a 2nd time Mum seeking a better birth experience).

I also offer support to women who are dealing with a broad spectrum of women’s health matters, including fertility, dealing with pregnancy loss and menstrual cycle concerns.

How I work:

I will come to your home and I offer a free hour trial class, which includes a 30 minute consultation on your needs and a 30 minute mini-practice session. This provides a safe space for you, the client to check that “I am the right teacher for you” before committing to classes.
Please email for packages

I also require my clients to sign and agree to my no refund policy (including circumstances beyond your control).

I have a 12-hour cancellation policy (meaning that a 9.30am class cancelled before 9.30pm the previous night would not be charged, but if cancelled at 11pm would be chargeable

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