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Visiting ParamPranYoga’s Orphanage

The Karma Yoga of Guru Munesh Sinha & Sonali Sinha

On March 26th 2018, my 1 week pilgrimage around the ‘Shakti Peeth’ (Goddess) Temples of India was coming to a close.  I’ve blogged about some of the epic experience I’ve had in Kamakhya, Khajuraho and temples in Jaipur and Delhi.  This blog is 2.5 years late!

I have not shared one of the most significant experiences of my 2018 trip.  I was invited on my last stop in Delhi to visit Guru Munesh Kumar SinhaSonali SinhaShamil Sinha, Sanjay Srivastav and family and become involved in their Karma Yoga Mission to serve children.  The organisation have an orphanage caring for underprivileged children.  They also serve the community with the PPY school of happiness  for underprivileged children and in incredible programme of meditation offerings to expand global consciousness.

Their beautiful mantra is: Love, Life, Humanity


arriving at the Sinha household – ParamPranYoga HQ

I arrived at the Sinha house to a traditional greeting with flowers.  It was a very warm welcome.  This was just the beginning of a really powerful day.  It was quite obvious that Guru Munesh had a real deep and true connection with the divine.  He reminded me so much of my colleague’s guru, Pradeep Ullal in his connection and I found out they were mutual supporters of each other.  He also shared his insights on Shakti with me and his full encouragement and support:

Afterwards, we visited the orphanage and I met the children.

I offered a yoga class to them and tried to really tap into what would be fun for them.  We did some asana, some energy work with Bija Mantra and then I offered a Yes Meditation.  Which is basically Bastrika combined with a loud Yes!  We had fun and it was life affirming for me and I trust interesting and different for them.  Working with these kids is humbling.  Any orphanage is challenging by definition and many of the children had literally lived on the streets.

It’s humbling by anyone’s standards.  I remember a young girl the same age as my daughter at the time.  Makes you think.  Very deeply.


Yoga with the Children who live in the ParamPranYoga Orphanage


I was asked later in the day to visit a family house of one of the other ParamPran founders, Sanjay Srivastav, which was such a fascinating time.  We visited his family house and met his grandmother. Being Navaratri it seems there is a tradition that when a woman enters the house, the feminine, it is a great blessing and it seemed having just returned from Kamakhya and several other temples I was a kind of transmission for her.  It was deeply humbling.  An elderly grandmother who was thrilled to meet me and held my hands reminding me of my own grandmother.  It was a real honour to be there and it was beyond my logic as to why I had created so much joy for her.  I felt that this lesson was my real pilgrimage.  To be held so dearly by the mother, with that unconditional force.  Who was I? A stranger…a foreigner.  But at that moment I felt the embrace of the divine feminine.

I had been suffering with a really strange eye condition for the whole trip.  My eyes just wouldn’t stop streaming water.  I’d never experienced it before and no doubt the dust of India did not help.  Like a release of tears and grief without the emotion.  Having shared this, the team whisked me off for some Ayurvedic medicine.  So incredibly kind, reminding me of the kindness of my own mother.  The problem didn’t last too much longer, perhaps a major breakthrough for me with dodgy eyes and eye disease in my DNA.

And Guru Munesh is very intuitive and insightful.  His project is not about ‘getting money from foreigners’ and he doesn’t push, just extends his energy field to those who can create a bigger grid for his work in whatever way.  He is a true Karma Yogi and supported by his wife and son in all senses, an incredibly humble and true guru.


Opportunity for Devotion

“The project stands for humanity, humbleness, willpower, tenacity, compassion and expanding global consciousness.  Parampranyog allows anyone who wishes to pass from a state of constriction to a state of expansion.  Anyone who is really on the way, on the true path, cannot ignore the suffering of others.”

Imagine running an orphanage with underprivileged street children, in India right now.  Support the children in these difficult times:


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