Global Mala October 20th 2017

The Global Mala Project in the UAE was founded by Peewee Sanchez of Yogafirst in 2012.  Return to the Self has supported the organisation and teaching of the event since 2013.   The Dubai project is part of a global project initiated by Shiva Rae in 2007 to unite the yoga community together from every continent, every yoga school and every approach to form a chain, garland’ ‘or mala’ around the world.  The event is based on the sacred cycle of 108 which is often practiced as 108 sun salutations as in the Dubai event.  In it’s 5th year, the event has made 10-20,000 annually for charities such as Dubai Autism.  In 2017, proceeds went to Dubai cares to fight against breast cancer and the event was held with the generous collaboration of Dubai Sports Council as part of Dubai Fitness Challenge.

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