Return to the Self

Return to the Self was founded by ‘temple keeper’ Jo Shakti Argañaraz, to honour the divine feminine and feminine cyclical wisdom through yoga and ritual.  She is a home for all authentic practices which bring us back to wholeness and our true nature as an embodied divine sacred being.  She is a space for yoga and ritual practices which can reflect the inner seasons of womanhood.  She recognises the diversity of the experience of the female body and her needs, we are the temple and we honour her.

Return to the Self was created for women to come together in sisterhood circles, through Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training (Empowering Pregnancy, Birth and Motherhood), Women’s Spirituality Immersion courses, Shakti Celebrations (an annual event held in Bali and Dubai) and Pilgrimages to sacred sights around the world.  Collectively, we rise, rooted.

Return to the Self is a home for feminine empowerment. This time in history needs to honour feminine wisdom for the future of every aspect of our life on this planet, including the planet herself.  Respect to the inner divine feminine, in both man and woman, is respect for the earth.

Return to the Self is a space for the Mystica who listens to the secrets of the feminine which are ‘hidden in plain view’ – blood wisdom, the whispers of the womb and the intuitive wisdom and knowing.  Rewilding and re-rooting we feel, we know and our lives fill with abundance and a truthful expression of our personal soul journey.

Spiritual Pre & Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training Empowering Pregnancy, Birth and Motherhood Online and In-Person

In Summer 2020, our well loved and powerful Prenatal YTT (with over 60 graduates) is going online, the world needs her in these changing times.
Jo Shakti is now recording all the material for this nurturing & compassionate course,
We are thrilled, for the first time for Spiritual PYTT to be accessible from your own home, at your own pace.
The course can be taken as an online self study option, or with the option to upgrade (at an additional fee) to accredited Yoga Alliance Prenatal Teacher for those wishing to practice and develop the skills to teach women classes or 1:1.
This is the first time Yoga Alliance is offering online accreditation for RPYT courses, which were previously only possible in-person. Take advantage of this new opportunity at the lowest ever rate we have ever offered

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